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International Conference on Smart Infrastructure and Construction (ICSIC)

Churchill College, Cambridge: 8 - 10 July 2019

For the detailed conference programme, please click here.

Information for Presenters

Oral Presentation

  • There will be a computer (PC not MAC) and a data projector available in each meeting room.
  • Please bring your presentation files on a USB memory stick and use the computer available in the rooms. 
  • Software installed on the computer is for standard office set up.  Please ensure your presentation will work in this format, and on a PC. Slide format should be widescreen (16:9) 
  • Presenters should meet in the scheduled room 20 minutes before the start of the session to upload their presentation. 
  • Presentation slots are 15 minutes per presenter, plus 5 minutes for questions.
  • Session chairs have been asked to keep individual presentations to time to ensure the sessions overall also run to time.
  • It is planned to capture your presentation and slides and upload these to YouTube so that those unable to attend will be able to see your presentation after the conference.  Please let me know if you do not want us to capture the presentation.
  • Please insert the slide here as the first slide of your presentation.

Poster Presentation

  • The poster session will take place on Monday 8 July from 18.00 – 19.30 hrs but your poster should be in place from Sunday evening or Monday morning and remain for the duration of the conference. 
  • A poster board will be provided – please ensure your poster will fit onto a board 2m tall by 1m wide. Use velcro to fix your poster to the board.
  • If you would like to bring any other display or demonstration equipment and materials with you, do let me know so that we can provide a table and power supply.

Information for Session Chairs

  • Please be present in the room 20 minutes before the session starts to welcome the presenters in your session. Please check that all presenters are there and that their presentations have been uploaded and tested on the computer.
  • Please note that presentations are being captured and uploaded to the website - see above.  There will be a member of CSIC staff in the room to help with this and other technical queries.
  • Please keep to the time slots as scheduled in the programme. The parallel sessions mainly consist of four papers and the time available for each paper is 20 minutes (15 minutes for presentation; 5 minutes for discussion).
  • Before the start of the session, make yourself aware of the safety information provided in each room. 
  • Please introduce each speaker and manage the Q&A after each presentation. At the end of the session, please thank all the presenters and contributors, and remind participants of the next activity in the programme (refreshments, lunch etc).

ICSIC 2019

The 2019 International Conference on Smart Infrastructure and Construction (ICSIC) was held from 8 - 10 July and brought together world-leading academics and practitioners from the fields of infrastructure planning, asset management and sensing. The unique combination of fields and disciplines focused on the power of smarter information and provided opportunities to confront persistent barriers and develop novel, proactive solutions. 



ICSIC 2019 was organised by the Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction (CSIC).


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